Billion Worlds is a turn-based strategy MMO where players compete to be the master of the universe. Conquer planets and expand to other solar systems.

Beta download

Billion Worlds is going to be represented on multiple platforms, among them Windows Phone, Surface, iPhone, iPad and Windows. The beta is only available in Windows as of now, click here to try the current version!

Beta tester?

Billion Worlds is under development and thus we need some testers. Give us a shout on twitter: @BillionWorlds.


.. you are an intergalactic emperor ruling over a vast empire reaching across the entire universe.

To achieve this, you must start by breaching out of your first solar system where your home planet resides. From your starting point you can expand to your neighbouring solar systems and if you reach the end of the galaxy you can move on to the next.

Intergalactic travel

In this turn-based strategy game you are the one setting the limits on how far you want to go, how many planets you want to conquer and how many points you want to achieve.